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Subject: Re: Basic setup of client e-mail on an externally-hosted domain/server
Posted by:  Doug Sherman [MVP] (
Date: Wed, 15 Mar 2006

Well, you need to eliminate the possibility of routing or name resolution
issues first.  Can clients ping the IP of the Verizon mail server?  Can they
ping the name?

Doug Sherman

"Brendhan" <Brendh…> wrote in message
> I have been running servers with Windows 2000 Server for several years.
> Recently, we set up a brand-new LAN in one of our buildings and the new
> server has Windows 2003 Server on it.  Our e-mail is hosted by a provider
> (Verizon) and clients that are using a private IP address range connect
> through my firewall/router device on my LANs that have a server running
> Windows 2000 Server.  Two separate domains are in this category and one of
> them connects to through the firewall/router device in the other building
> using a trust.  When I set up my new server (that runs Windows 2003
> I duplicated all of my internal routes, etc. thinking that this new domain
> would get through to the firewall router in another building just like the
> other "slave" domain does (we are a Town and we are connected over the
> network).
> Clients on the new domain and new LAN can access the Internet just fine
> cannot send or receive mail.  Also, interestingly, if I configure a
> NIC to bypass the server and to access the cable modem directly, it can
> access the web AND mail works fine.
> As such, it seems that something that I am not familiar with in Windows
> Server needs to be configured in order that the mail requests can come and
> freely between the LAN NIC on the server and the cable link NIC on the
> server.  Again, this is not a general connectivity issue since the web
> connection works.
> What gadget in Windows 2003 Server that controls the simple pass through
> e-mail to and from clients do I need to find and how do I need to
> it.  This must be a new element that was not found in Windows 2000 Server.
> Thanks for the help.
> --
> BZ


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