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Subject: dsquery, dsmod, etc
Posted by:  Brett I. Holcomb (brettholco…@bellsouth.net)
Date: Wed, 15 Mar 2006

I'm afraid I know the answer to this but I want to ask in case I'm wrong.
These tools will do exactly what I need but I am not in a domain - just a
workgroup so am I correct in assuming I can not use them?  I need to take a
list that has usernames, groups, initial password and create the accounts
on a Win 2003 Server (it is not in a domain).  Can I use them without a

I can use net user to create the accounts and netlocalgroups to do what I
need with one exception.  Nothing sets the "Must enter new password on
first login" property.  I have 60-70 accounts so I would like to avoid
doing it all by hand.


Brett I. Holcomb
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