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Subject: Performance counter
Posted by:  TheFly (dummylol.dummyl…
Date: 16 Mar 2006


i am looking at a program that just allow :
- Collecting windows performance counter, on various servers, allowing
login/pwd to be specified when connecting to each server
- Saving somewhere the history of the perf counter (database, files,
- Displaying realtime graphs in a friendly interface (autoscale /
scrolling / etc)
- Can reload & display saved perfs data, including graphs
- We don't want this program to install services on each server

I have found some software, but monitoring oriented. We have already a
monitoring software...

We just want a software that replace the windows perfmon, with better
user interface (scrolling, rescale, zoom, etc), able to connect to
different servers, and than can archive & reload perf history.

Please help !