CALs for built-in and some other users ???

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Subject: CALs for built-in and some other users ???
Posted by:  Gentian Hila (GentianHi…
Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2006

After doing some carefull consideration, we have decided to go with user CAL
rather then device for windows 2003 since we have quite a few roaming users.

As I was dumping all the domain users into a text file I found several users
like Internet Guest users created from some other domain controllers , we
have three and I could see like thre IUSR_DOMAIN_CONTROLLER_NAME users and
three IWAM users, SQLDebugger, NAVMSE. TsInternetUser, Web Application
Manager Account etc that do not have a login name.

Do I need to buy CALs for them ? My guess is NO since they are not real
users but want to make sure.

Also when I was considering if it was better for us to buy CALs for devices
rather than for users I had a question that I couldn't find an answer to:

A laptop connecting from different places in internet is considered one
machine or many  ? My guess is one.

Thanks for all the help.

All the best