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Subject: Re: Restart the Wind NT Server
Posted by:  Allen (allen.miya…
Date: Fri, 17 Mar 2006

What reasons you select for restarting or shutdown the server is totally up
to you. This is so it will show more details in the Event Logs and does not
affect shutdown of the server. The proper way? Well that all depends.
Usually the only concern when shuting down a Windows NT server are whether
or not you should shut down some services first. I would say that if you are
not running Exchange on this server or IIS then you need not worry about it.
If you are then it has always been an industry best practice in the old NT
and Exchange 5.5 days to shutdown MS Exchange services beginning with the
System Attendant.

"Chris" <Chr…> wrote in message
> hi,
> My question sound very simple but it cause sometime to think how to
> restart
> the NT server. This server unstable and need restart once a week.
> I press "start->turn off-> restart server, but some optional (list- like
> hardware problem, application problem, etc) need to select before system
> allow you to restart the server.
> Is that the proper way to restart the server? what else should take note
> before restart the server?
> Any hit will sincerely appreciated
> Regards
> Chris



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