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Subject: RE: More user rights needed
Posted by:  Brian Delaney (BrianDelan…
Date: Sat, 18 Mar 2006

If you wish to grant your users access to install/uninstall programs you need
to grant them with local administrative rights on their PCs.

You can do this manually via Computer Management --> Local Users and Groups
--> Groups --> Administrators and add the desired Domain Users into that

Or you can do this through a group policy by configuring Restricted Groups
and this will get pushed down to the client machines (becareful not to
configure this at domain level for this purpose as this would also affect the
Administrators group for the domain)

Brian Delaney, MCSE

"Darren Hughes" wrote:

> We have a brand new 2003 server installed. Before, we don't have any server
> and users work as a workgroup.
> After users join the new domain. Most of the program can't run.
> The users can't install or uninstall any program or updates.
> Is there any way to grant the sufficient right for them to install and run
> programs?
> I think the default policy is too restricted.
> Thanks.
> Darren.


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