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Subject: NTFRS Error
Posted by:  dan_willia‚Ķ@newcross-nursing.com (dan_willia…@newcross-nursing.com)
Date: 20 Mar 2006

Sorry for the cross-post, put i haven't had any response in the
microsoft.public.windows.server.active_directory newsgroup.

Can anyone help me with the below error message I'm seeing on our
Windows 2003 Server SP1 machine?

I have set up FRS to use a static port (based on Microsoft Article
319553) and have even disabled the Windows Firewall. I have also
installed the Q899148 hotfix and applied the Server2003NegotiateDisable

registry hack.

A reboot usually resolves the problem, but i'm having to schedule
restarts every night which is not ideal.

NtFrsApi Version Information
  NtFrsApi Major      : 0
  NtFrsApi Minor      : 0
  NtFrsApi Compiled on: Mar 24 2005 15:06:29
ERROR - Cannot bind w/authentication to computer, (null); 000006d9
ERROR - Cannot bind w/o authentication to computer, (null); 000006d9
ERROR - Cannot RPC to computer, (null); 000006d9 (1753)

I can run the 'nrfsutl version <remotePc>' command, which returns the
version number of a remote server fine , it's just I get the error when

executing the 'ntfrsutl version' command on the server itself.
Attempting the same command from a remote server to the PC, also
returns the same error.

Please help!