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Subject: Remote connection to server
Posted by:  Emile (emilez…
Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2006

We have a Windows Server 2003.  The server is on a network with other PC's
and all are connected to the Internet via a router/modem.  Our ISP has given
us a static IP address.  The server is not a Web server.

I have been able to connect (from a remote location) to my desktop PC from
home using either GOTOMYPC or VNC.  I have also been able to connect to the
server with GOTOMYPC.

I have been reading about "Remote Desktop Web Connection" and have a general
question.  Because we have a static IP address, can we setup the server to
accept Remote Desktop connections?  This despite the documentation I have
read saying that when Remote Desktop Web Connection is deployed on a Web
server then clients can access the host.

If it is possible (without the server being a "Web Server") any help in
setting this up would be appreciated.  Is there any good documention (novice
level) on what I want to do?

Thanks in advance for any help