Partitioning Server

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Subject: Partitioning Server
Posted by:  Mike (Mi…
Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2006

I have inherited a server.  The OS is Windows 2000 Server.  I need to use it
to manage a database.  It contains MegaRAID LD SCSI Disk 0 and another one
for SCSI disk 1.

Here is the problem.  Under disk management, I see this Disk 1, however it
is not allocated.  Also, Disk 0 is a 36 Gig disk, but only 17 Gig are
allocated.  The remainder of disk 0 does not show up under disk management,
and all 70 plus gigs of disk 1 are unallocated.  I need to make all of each
of these disks available, but don't quite know how.  I can't simply right
click and choose allocate.

Any help????