Server crashing - ntoskrnl.exe

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Subject: Server crashing - ntoskrnl.exe
Posted by:  bierl…
Date: 20 Mar 2006

For the past few months, every few days, maybe about twice a week, at
intermittent times (no visible pattern), one of our W2K servers crashes
with the BSOD (blue screen of death).

Most of the time, it seems to involve ntoskrnl.exe, but it's not always
the same error message.  It is a terminal server so I am usually under
pressure to get it rebooted ASAP so people can contine working.
However, I have written down some of the error messages.  Here are
parts or all of 3:

***STOP  IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL  ntoskrnl.exe

***STOP : 0x0000007(0x00000B8A, 0xE7999740, 0xE7999748)

Address 80438027 base at 80400000, Date Stamp 41773335 - ntoskrnl.exe

I have tried googling for these errors but haven't found too much
useful info.  What is the best way to troubleshoot a problem like this?