please help with my print problem... whimper...

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Subject: please help with my print problem... whimper...
Posted by:  billd (bil…
Date: Tue, 21 Mar 2006

window 2003, old HP5M printer with jet direct card.  Shared and permissions
set so Everyone Group has full control over the printer - problem is that
only admins can print to the printer.  Anytime a user tries to print, it
immediately says that sending to printer failed, and it stays in the queue
saying error - printing.  nothing helpful in the event logs... same pc, if I
log on as a domain admin, I can print, if I log on as a user, I can't.  Have
deleted printer and rinstalled under both ID's in the exact same manner start
-> run  \\printserver then double click on the printer and it installs.  I
can print on it as admin not as user.  Have 20 other printers on this server,
HP, Ricoh, Xerox, Fugitus... all work, all allow all other users to print.
What can I possibly be doing wrong???  If there is a greater being in your
religion, lifestyle or whatever, he will thank you if you can help me and it
will bring good karma to you for the rest of your days!