Server Hanging Often

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Subject: Server Hanging Often
Posted by:  skroonenbu…
Date: 21 Mar 2006


I've just setup a new server at an office with approx 12 computers. The
server is a dual core 3.0 ghz pentium D, with 250gig RAID mirrored SATA
hard drives, running Windows Server 2003.

It is essentially used as a file server. Everyone on the network has
their s:\ mapped to the server.

It ran fine yesterday, but today the server started hanging, every 1-2
minutes for 10-15 seconds. Sometimes 5 minutes will go by with no
hanging, but then it starts up again. When it hangs, it locks
Explorer.exe & most of the Windows on the server's screen. It also
hangs all the user's computers when trying to access their mapped

I've used the Performance Tool in Windows Server. When it hangs, the
total number of bytes in/out from the server's network connection drops
to 0. Sometimes it hangs when there is a high disk access queue, but it
doesn't always seem to be the cause.

Anyone have any suggestions as to what this could be?

I thought it might be too much network traffic, but even after
switching off most of the computers in the office and only having 2
going, it was still hanging just as much. Also, after rebooting the
server, it seems to be better for a while, then it gets worse again.

ANY help is appreciated! Thanks!