RE: Roaming Profiles?

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Subject: RE: Roaming Profiles?
Posted by:  Brian Delaney (bdelaney…
Date: Tue, 21 Mar 2006

There is a specific Group Policy as far as Roaming Profile quotas go.  The
setting is configured at: User Configuration\Administrative
Templates\System\User Profiles\Limit profile size

you can use the rsop.msc tool on the XP box to find out which GPO is
applying this setting to your user.

Brian Delaney, MCSE

"SD" wrote:

> I am running Server 2003 SP1.  I have 1 XP SP 2 user who uses roaming
> profiles with the profile being stored on the 2003 SP1 File Server.  He now
> has a RED Xin his SysTray indicating the his Profile is over the quota but I
> have no quota specified in a GPO or on the local drive.  Anyone know what
> this is?
> Thanks - sean



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