2003 Server slow during boot up

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Subject: 2003 Server slow during boot up
Posted by:  huskerMoore (huskerMoo…@discussions.microsoft.com)
Date: Wed, 22 Mar 2006

The Primary Domain Controller takes a long time to boot. Is there a way to
shorten the wait time that it looks for a second global catalog/Backup Domain
Controller server to shorten the boot time.

We just call it the primary domain controller because we have 2 servers with
AD installed, the file and print server is the back-up in case the primary
server which has dns, etc installed goes down. This is the only server that
is slow at startup, it takes about 10 minutes. Could this be  because the
server knows that there is another server with AD installed or a second
global catalog installed? if so is there a way to tell the main server to
time out after a certain amount of time, so it won't continually be looking
for the other server? Thanks in advance.