Re: 2003 Server slow during boot up

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Subject: Re: 2003 Server slow during boot up
Posted by:  Jabez Gan [MVP] (mingtei…
Date: Thu, 23 Mar 2006

Check the DNS settings. Also check the event log and see if there's any
service(s) hung during startup

Jabez Gan [MVP]
Microsoft MVP: Windows Server

"huskerMoore" <huskerMoo…> wrote in message
> The Primary Domain Controller takes a long time to boot. Is there a way to
> shorten the wait time that it looks for a second global catalog/Backup
> Domain
> Controller server to shorten the boot time.
> We just call it the primary domain controller because we have 2 servers
> with
> AD installed, the file and print server is the back-up in case the primary
> server which has dns, etc installed goes down. This is the only server
> that
> is slow at startup, it takes about 10 minutes. Could this be  because the
> server knows that there is another server with AD installed or a second
> global catalog installed? if so is there a way to tell the main server to
> time out after a certain amount of time, so it won't continually be
> looking
> for the other server? Thanks in advance.
> Cody


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