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Subject: COM+ Partitioning
Posted by:  MCE (M…
Date: Wed, 22 Mar 2006

Not entirely sure if General is the right place to ask this but I'll start
here.  I'm having trouble with excessive traffic to the domain controller
using COM+ Partitioning on an application server.  It originally came about
from an application my company has written that we migrated from Windows 2000
to Windows 2003 (SP1), with the added benefit of COM+ Partitioning, but I
have been able to replicate the problem completely away from the application
so I will describe this.

Basically, I have a COM+ Partition (with or without an application in it)
and assign a GROUP to the ACTIVATOR under the partition roles.  I link an IIS
website to the COM+ partition (I do it via VBScript) and put an asp page on
the site (doesn't matter what it has on it).  I have another asp page that
will repeatedly fire a request at the first asp page.  When I put this into
action and monitor the network activity there are enourmous amounts of data
going from the web server to the domain controller on port 445 (ie. several
megabytes per minute).

This is obviously not desirable and in our production application causes the
domain controller to eventually grind to a halt when enough users get on the
system.  The strange part is that if I put a single user under the Activator
role for the COM+ Partition and try again then there is barely a single byte
of traffic to the domain controller.

Reading through documentation it seems like the web server goes to the
domain controller to check for a users default COM+ partition.  Apparently
there is a cache to cut down on network traffic but I guess it's not working
for me(?).

Can anybody who is more experienced with COM+ partitions shed some light on
this matter for me?  Or if I've posted in the wrong spot direct me to where I
might get my question answered.