RE: How to Monitor a Failing Service

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Subject: RE: How to Monitor a Failing Service
Posted by:  Edwin vMierlo (EdwinvMier…
Date: Thu, 23 Mar 2006

Why it is failing : this is totally dependant on the actual application, use
the application event log and system eventlog, as well as technical support
from the application vendor

When it is failing : a good, simple and cheap tool is "Servers Alive". It is
even for free for the first 10 checks !

hope this helps

"Aj" wrote:

> There is a Service belonging to a 3rd party Application( CA Unicenter) on a
> Windows 2000 Server. What happens is that the Service goes down and when we
> try to Start it Up it Fails .
> Any Ideas How can  Monitor this application :
> to find why its failing and
> When its failing .



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How to Monitor a Failing Service posted by AJ on Thu, 23 Mar 2006