Users Home Directory is Opening at the Root of the Share

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Subject: Users Home Directory is Opening at the Root of the Share
Posted by:  NetGoofy (NetGoo…
Date: Thu, 23 Mar 2006

Windows 2K3 Domain

User Account - Profile - Home Directory
Connect to H: \\servername\sharename\username

The User Folder has been created and shared as normal
The users folders are all thier

However, some users have an issue that when they logon, their H: Drive
actually puts them at the Root of the Users.  So when these users click on
their H: Drive they have thier user folder listed, then they will open it,
and there is thier stuff.  Not all users have this issue.

Another note:  Before I got here to this particular network, apparently this
company is in the process of moving over to a windows network from a novell
network.  I found out that one of the admins here, (no longer here) installed
a program to hide folders that users did not have permission to.  I found out
that the reason they did this was because of the problem mentioned above.  So
I did find that this issue was inplace before they installed this program.

I had also just found out that this happens speractically (spelling).  For
example, at this one location, a user had been working fine, then yesterday
she called to explain that she now has to open here user folder once she
opens the H: drive.  Now none of the users folders show up, but the point
that her account profile is setup correctly.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly welcomed.