MSDTC COM+ service error causing SBS monitoring and sharepoint to fail

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Subject: MSDTC COM+ service error causing SBS monitoring and sharepoint to fail
Posted by:  AdminKen (no…
Date: Thu, 23 Mar 2006

I have a W2K3 SBS with a issue with my Distributed Transaction Coordinator.
The Distributed Transaction Coordinator fails to start. I believe this is
causing errors with anything SQL related including SBS Monitoring, SBS
SharePoint and my Backup Exec (it uses sql). It may be causing other errors
that I am unaware of.  I am not certain that this is the cause but I think
it is related. I am unable to start the Distributed Transaction Coordinator
service. I get these errors.event Id 7000 The Distributed Transaction
Coordinator service failed to start due to the following error: The service
did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion.
event Id 7009 Timeout (30000 milliseconds) waiting for the Distributed
Transaction Coordinator service to connect.

I tried to reinstall MSDTS by Add/remove Windows component unchecking the
"Enable Network DCS Access" check box, then cmd >MSDTS -uninstall, then
reboot. Oncerebooted I cmd >MSDTS -install, then I then re-checked "Enable
Network DCSAccess" check box. This did not correct the problem. This is the
error I received when I tried to remove or install the Enable Network DCS
Access component.

Sub-component Distributed Transaction Coordinator raised an exception while
processing the OC_COMPLETE_INSTALLATION setup message.
tdtcsetup\src\cdtccore.cpp (line 793)
Error Code = 0xffffffff
The DTC service could not be installed.

Is there a way to fix or remove/install the MS DTC and/or the COM+ service
on W2K3 SBS? The only articles I have found related to DTC issues refer to a
clustered environment. This is a standalone SBS server, no cluster. Also
this does not seem to be related to the logon account (NT
AUTHORITY\NetworkService) issue as that is correct on this server.