Server Consolidation / 2003 DC Upgrade

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Subject: Server Consolidation / 2003 DC Upgrade
Posted by:  l (
Date: Thu, 23 Mar 2006


I'm planning to replace 3 servers (two Windows 2000 DC's / File servers and
one 2003 Exchange server) with one 2003 DC / File server and one 2003
Exchange server. The existing hardware is getting old and will be retired and
used as backup.
I plan on installing both new PC's this weekend as well as all the apps /
software / config as possible and will move users over gradually. The
Exchange migration we are going to do in a few weeks on a weekend while we
can bring the system down.
My question is, what do I need to be concerned with in this upgrade? Are
there ramifications in putting 2003 DC's online while there are two 2000 DC's
already etc..

Any comments or suggestions are appreciated.