Adsl loses connection with modem access

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Subject: Adsl loses connection with modem access
Posted by:  raj chahal (in…
Date: Fri, 24 Mar 2006

Hi there Could anyone help with the following pls ?

Clients lose connection to the ADSL broad band web when a user connects to
Barclays bank using Barclays bank connection software. When the Barclays
Bank access is terminated clients access to the ADSL broad band is resumed.

Connection to Barclays bank is provided to clients via terminal service

When connection to Barclays bank is established via the dialup modem a HTTPS
session is initiated it is at this point that the connection to ADSL board
band is lost.

Could teaming be a solution to this problem?

If so how can it be implemented?


Windows 2003 server with 10 clients

ADSL board band fed to server via Netgear router

Telephone connection to server via V92 dialup internal modem card

Services running on server

Terminal server


Barclays Bank accounting access

Provided by Diamond V.92Modem card

Any suggestions welcomed

Thanks in advance.