Moving to win 2003 from win2k

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Subject: Moving to win 2003 from win2k
Posted by:  davisr65 (davisr…
Date: Fri, 24 Mar 2006

I want to do a clean install by setting up a windows 2003 domain next to our
current windows 2000 domain without having to do any migrating, i did it in
the past when moving from win nt4.0 to windows 2000, most of the work during
work hours which was cool,..... ( i had dual permissions on all my shares nt
and win2k then when everyone was moved to the new domain, i just went back in
and removed nt4 permissions , the just turned off the NT4 domain. It was so
cool....  I only have about 300 users, so duplicating was not much of an
issue.....  i would like to do the same when upgrading to windows 2003
domain, is it possible, what do you think?