Apple Mail and SBS 2003

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Subject: Apple Mail and SBS 2003
Posted by:  Tom (T…
Date: Fri, 24 Mar 2006

We have a new consultant that wants to be able to access mail from Exchange
2003 (on our SBS 2003 server), and is complaining about the OWA client (I
know what I want to tell him to do, but can't).  Is there a simple way to do
this?  I hit a couple of Mac sites and it looks like using the IMAP4 protocol
is what some recommend in order to have better access to calendars, tasks,
etc. with this setup.  I have very limited experience with Mac's so this is
definitely not something I have dealt with at all before.  We're running the
latest patche version of SBS 2003, and the version of Apple Mail is 2.0.7
(7462).  Can anyone provide a little insight for me on how to accomplish this
other than telling him to quit whining and use OWA?