RE: Moving to win 2003 from win2k

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Subject: RE: Moving to win 2003 from win2k
Posted by:  Steve (Ste…
Date: Sun, 26 Mar 2006

Davis migration is really easy with some a new tool provided by MS called
Active Directory Migration Tool version 2

You can use ADMT to migrate users, groups, and computers from one domain to
another, and analyze the migration affect before and after the actual
migration process.

For more information about ADMT, visit the following Microsoft Web site:

The Active Directory Migration Tool version 2 is included in the I386\Admt
folder on the Windows Server 2003 CD.

"davisr65" wrote:

> I want to do a clean install by setting up a windows 2003 domain next to our
> current windows 2000 domain without having to do any migrating, i did it in
> the past when moving from win nt4.0 to windows 2000, most of the work during
> work hours which was cool,..... ( i had dual permissions on all my shares nt
> and win2k then when everyone was moved to the new domain, i just went back in
> and removed nt4 permissions , the just turned off the NT4 domain. It was so
> cool....  I only have about 300 users, so duplicating was not much of an
> issue.....  i would like to do the same when upgrading to windows 2003
> domain, is it possible, what do you think?
> thanks...


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