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Subject: Re: Apple Mail and SBS 2003
Posted by:  Brian Henry (
Date: Wed, 5 Apr 2006

Look into entourage, that will give you exchange access... It's like
Micosoft outlook for a mac, heck you should of goten a copy of it with
Exchange 2003, at least we did when we bought exchange 2003. We got Outlook
(win client of course) and Entourage (mac client), why use apple mail when
you have a full featured client that is made for exchange by microsoft? then
just use RPC over HTTP to get the mail

"Tom" <T…> wrote in message
> We have a new consultant that wants to be able to access mail from
> Exchange
> 2003 (on our SBS 2003 server), and is complaining about the OWA client (I
> know what I want to tell him to do, but can't).  Is there a simple way to
> do
> this?  I hit a couple of Mac sites and it looks like using the IMAP4
> protocol
> is what some recommend in order to have better access to calendars, tasks,
> etc. with this setup.  I have very limited experience with Mac's so this
> is
> definitely not something I have dealt with at all before.  We're running
> the
> latest patche version of SBS 2003, and the version of Apple Mail is 2.0.7
> (7462).  Can anyone provide a little insight for me on how to accomplish
> this
> other than telling him to quit whining and use OWA?
> Thanks!


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