Changing Server Name

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Subject: Changing Server Name
Posted by:  K (..@.)
Date: Mon, 27 Mar 2006

I have a DC which I need to replace this week.

New server has been set up on the network with a temporary name.

When the time comes to change over, I was going to do the following:

1) DCPROMO original server to remove DC role
2) Shut down original server
3) Change name of new server to match that of original server
4) DCPROMO new server to become a DC

What I am not so sure about is the computer account in AD.  There is already
an account for the original server and the new server with a temporary name.
When I down the original server and rename the new server to the same name
as the old, will it automatically use the (already existing) computer
account left over from the old server of the same name?  Or should I rename
the computer account with the temporary name so it uses it's own computer