Best File Server Options

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Subject: Best File Server Options
Posted by:  Trinity Catholic High School (TrinityCatholicHighScho…
Date: Mon, 27 Mar 2006

We have two ProLiant servers to act file servers for our network. At first we
implemented DFS on the entire E drive (about 100GB of data). However, the FRS
kept on falling over, requiring the service to be restarted, and then would
move all data into the FRS preexisting folder, and have a down time of a few
hours, which was fairly disasterous. Since then our contractor moved us to a
single file server + live backup (using Synctoy). He plans to get us back
into a load balancing enviroment by using NLB with Synctoy.

What are the other options? Is Windows clustering a good idea? would another
FRS server sort our problems about preexisting folders?

Any ideas will be much appeciated,

Will Mann