Logon not working for users.

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Subject: Logon not working for users.
Posted by:  tlc_132…@hotmail.com (tlc13200hotmailc…@discussions.microsoft.com)
Date: Mon, 27 Mar 2006

Already installed Active Directory and have the server booting up and
updating all "Updates", I created two users on the System Administrator, with
a password and when I go to their workstation and attempt to log in, it
doesn't like the user name or password. It only accepts the Administrator
user name, with the password being blank.

When after I log on to a workstation, it seems the server but it also see's
the other workstation on the network.  Internet is fine... and setting up
printers is like telling it to print local with an IP address. There must be
something wrong with the server, does anyone have any suggestions as to why
this is hapening?