Not sure where to post this - Print server functionality

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Subject: Not sure where to post this - Print server functionality
Posted by:  Jim Krebs (JimKre…
Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2006

Have a rather different environment here. Have Large number of sites (300+
growing to 500-600 in the next 3 years) with only a couple PCs and printers
in each site. All are connected by MPLS network. Circuits are rather small
because most traffic is SNA. We use a hosting center for our Internet gateway
so all sites connect there. The scenario would suppose an R2 server at the
hosting center with the Print Management Console running in the MMC. Because
of the small number of users at each site, a server is out of the question at
the site. JetDirects are an option if necessary.

I can define and deploy the printers at each site using the PMC / MMC and
add them to the OU (each site being an OU) and the group policy for the OU
and have the printer pushed out to the computer when the user logs in. The
question is how to handle print spooling - rememberiong that most of the
connections are 128K. Can Jet directs be set up in PMC / MMC and have the
jobs spool directly to the local JetDirect?

Is it possible to use the scenario proposed above but somehow have the jobs
spool locally rather than spool on the print server? If someone prints a 2M
file and it has to be transferred up to the print server at the hosting
center then transferrred back down to the local printer over a 128K pipe, the
system is not usable.

Any help greatly appreciated.