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Subject: Re: Win 2003 R-2 Upgrade
Posted by:  Jabez Gan [MVP] (mingtei…
Date: Thu, 30 Mar 2006

Hi Civic,

You will need to upgrade to SP1 before you can upgrade to R2. And no, you do
not need to rebuild your server just to use R2. Just pop in your CD2 if your
machine is a SP1 and do the upgrade there.

You will need to restart after installing R2.

Jabez Gan [MVP]
Microsoft MVP: Windows Server

"Civic" <Civ…> wrote in message
> Can you take a pre-existing, up and running, fully functional, Windows
> 2003
> server(with all Updates, Hot Fixes, and SPs applied) and run the 2nd disk
> from Windows 2003 -R2 on this server to bring it up to R-2 Specifications,
> such as security enhancements, Quota, managment, etc?  There are many
> enhancements we see with R-2 that we woould like to take advantage of but
> don't want tto have to reinstall the server or really do a full upgrade
> -upgrades always seem to give problems 6 months down the road (2000-XP or
> 2000-2003)  Just thought that the R2 features would be nice to add if they
> added to the server similar to a +PLUS pack for XP.
> Thanks



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