Can't ping a Windows 2003 Ent Server after applying SP1

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Subject: Can't ping a Windows 2003 Ent Server after applying SP1
Posted by:  Andy Hudson (Andy Huds…
Date: Thu, 30 Mar 2006

Hi all,

Well the subject says it all. Worked fine before but now can't ping it
whatever after applying SP1. Its weird though, as it reboots and you leave a
'ping -t' on another machine, it does infact reply for a short while then
times out again


Switch off firewall
Disabled all Firewall options in GPO/domain policy
reseated Nic
changed cables

I've seen a couple of ms hotfixes but neither of them work...

You can browse the server files fine, access the server in everyway fine,
you just can't ping it from any pc on the lan. The router (which is the DG)
can't ping it either.

Its only since applying SP1 in readiness for R2.

The other problem is this. because pings fail, dcdiag fails. and I've got an
election issue between it and a new DC because it can't see it via ICMP, yet
AD is replicating fine between both (presumably via LDAP)

So yeah, to re-cap. all firewall stuff is off, dont even mention it. no tcp
port blocking rules on the nic. nadda, not a thing. I'm at wits end...

Also, all AV is off, no other 3rd party firewalls are on and its pretty bog
standard and worked fine until SP1 was applied. Thats all that changed. I've
even tried the SCW.

Fingers crossed someone knows something

Thanks again