new built '03 server unable to access or windows upd

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Subject: new built '03 server unable to access or windows upd
Posted by:  Dan Long (Dan Lo…
Date: Thu, 30 Mar 2006

I am building out a new site.  I have a WinXP laptop on site which has no
difficulty accessing or windows updates.  I have built 2
win2003std servers which both exhibit the same symptoms.  I can resolve via dns querry to an IP which works fine on the laptop.  I can
also establish a connection on port 80 from the affected servers, however I'm
unable to access the sites via IE or any other browser.  Even if I put the
server outside the firewall here I get the same symptoms.  There are no
entries in the restricted sites list and http://* is listed
under trusted sites.  The are no hosts/lmhosts entries and the traffic is
routed via the correct path.  I am also unable to access in the same
way, but everywhere else I've tried works fine... google, msn, cnn, yahoo,

has anyone ever seen something like this before?