Free space doesn't add up?

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Subject: Free space doesn't add up?
Posted by:  TheSingingCat (meowmeowme…
Date: Thu, 30 Mar 2006

Hi gang,

I've got a bit of a mystery on one of my servers that I can't quite peg -
hoping perhaps someone here might be able to help me figure out where my
space went on my server.

Proliant 350
4 x 36gb drives in one RAID 5 array = ~108gb usable space
Windows Server 2003 (no service pack) installed as a member server
Exchange 2003 Std. Service Pack 1
Windows reports 60GB used of my 108 total with 48gb remaining

I was pretty surprised when I noticed this.  My details are as follows when
I audit the drive space.
If I just select all files in the C: folder and do properties, it comes up
as 16GB used space.  Yes I have the view set to show all hidden and OS

Windows Folder = 2gb
Page File = 2gb
Exchange Folder = 10gb (may max up to 14gb near the end of the day before
Full backup runs and logs are flushed)
Remainder of stuff in c:\program files = ~230mb
Misc. Install Folder I have on the drive (exch srv, service pack, os image)
= 1.7gb
That's it.

So this comes up pretty near to the 16gb reported when I just do a select
all > properties from the root.  The Proliant Management Page also reports:
64161 Used, 40014 Free of 104175 Total (Which is close to what windows is
I forget what the default cluster size was that I used when I set the array
up, but unless I made them 5mb (sarcasm) I can't see how ~44 GB are missing
in action.

I'm bamboozeled.