Cannot connect to Win server 2003 via RDP/port 3389

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Subject: Cannot connect to Win server 2003 via RDP/port 3389
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Date: Thu, 30 Mar 2006

I'm trying to provide remote support for a Windows server 2003 for Small
Business Server, current on Service Packs and updates as of 3/28/06, which is
also an AD DC.  The affected server is an Dell Poweredge.  Under system
properties, on the remote tab, the remote desktop checkbox is checked.
However, I cannot access the server using Remote Desktop Connection, even
from a computer in the same domain, on the same IP subnet -- I tried this to
eliminate the possibility that the problem was caused by a firewall (which
seems to be configured correctly to pass port 3389) and/or the Comcast DSL
box (also seems to be correctly configured to pass port 3389).

The problem is not authentication - the attempt to connect does not seem to
get that far, and, I'm trying to connect as a domain administrator, with the
Domain Admins group explicitly specified as a remote desktop user.

I tried changing the portnumber setting in the registry to 3391, and get the
exact same failure.

The failure issues the generic error message in a popup, along the lines of
"unable to connect... server may not be configured to support remote
connection... server may be too busy... try again later".

I'm ready to chew nails.

Any help appreciated!