Mirrored drive advice needed

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Subject: Mirrored drive advice needed
Posted by:  Skip Hollard (SkipHolla…@discussions.microsoft.com)
Date: Thu, 30 Mar 2006

I’ve read through the other posted messages, didn’t see my exact problem.
I have a W2003 R2 server with Exchange 2003 loaded, all updates installed.
It has two Maxtor 6V200E0 SATA (200GB) drives. In the bios, I selected the
drives to be RAID (not IDE) and used the RAID floppy during setup to install,
then made the mirror using Disk Management, so I assume this is setup in
software, not hardware. It had run good for only a few days before a drive
failed. I only have one good backup of the server, last Monday. The Drive 0
has failed. I cannot reactivate it, it is off line.
I need the correct procedure for breaking the mirror and any other steps,
before I shut the server down and replace the bad drive. I had this exact
problem once before, but did not do it right, I ended up completely
rebuilding the server. I thought I had broke the mirror correctly but would
not boot it back up after installing the new drive. This Exchange server must
boot back up after replacing the drives due to lack of backups I could not
run. Please give me, or direct me, to the correct procedure for this.

Skip Hollard