Takes forever to shut down

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Subject: Takes forever to shut down
Posted by:  Tom C. (nospam@nospam.nul)
Date: Thu, 30 Mar 2006

Can anyone point me to where to begin to troubleshoot this problem? I've got
a Win2003 Server SP1 running in a small office environment. This server is
the domain controller and also runs Exchange 2003. It runs fine, no apparant
problems in the event logs, but when you go to shut it down, it'll sit there
for several minutes before finally shutting down. The point at which it
pauses is where is displays the message Windows is shutting down. There have
been a few times when it just plain would NOT shut down and I had to
forcibly power it off. Thankfully, it appears to recover from that, but I'd
really like to avoid that sort of thing. Any ideas? Thanks!