Folder permissions - structure

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Subject: Folder permissions - structure
Posted by:  JR (
Date: Thu, 30 Mar 2006

Sorry if this is basic but I thought I had a handle on it, apparently not.

I have a folder \master with several sub folders under it.  I want to be
able to have every user on the network map to the \master folder but then
control access to each of the subfolders to groups or individual users.  I
assumed I needed to share the folder \master to allow network users to map
to it.  I set that folder to share as read only.  Then I set the subfolder
\sub1 (full path \master\sub1) to share with read/write access for the user
that needed that.  The user has read/write access to that folder now but
when they open files they are read only.  Did I set this up backwards or

What I need is to have everyone with at least read only access to everything
in the folder, but specific users or groups will need write access to
different folders within that \master folder.  How do I set this up?

Sorry if this is very basic an I am an idiot....