remove first DC from Windows 2000 domain

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Subject: remove first DC from Windows 2000 domain
Posted by:  Steve Holland (holland…
Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2006


We have a domain controller which was the first in the domain, it held all
the FSMO roles. The RAID controller in the box has gone pop, so can't even
get it to boot. I was in the process of decomissioning it, so got the global
catalog moved onto the other two DCs, just about to dcpromo it to remove it
from the domain as a DC when the RAID controller failed. So didn't get a
change to change the ownership of the FSMO roles. I've tried to change the
RID master, PDC and Infrastructure masters using Active Directory Users and
Comps but it won't allow me to do so because the original owner cannot be
contacted. Is there any way I can force ownership, as I don't think the dead
box will be brought back to life to quickly.

Any help, article pointer would be very much appreciated.