File Servers Become Unresponsive

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Subject: File Servers Become Unresponsive
Posted by:  Prokofiev (Prokofi…
Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2006

I have 3 Server 2003 file servers that periodically become unresponsive.
These servers are not DC's, they don't seem to be running any common software
(backups, IIS, etc.).  When we login to them over rdp to try and catch any
resource utilization issues the problem goes away, the server becomes
responsive to users and everything looks normal.

We're relatively aggressive when it comes to patching, so as of now SUS is
reporting no critical updates that haven't been applied appropriately.  The
upshot of this is all recent patches have been applied as far as we can tell
to all three of these servers.

Thanks for your help.