How to Config MS SVR 2K3 BOOTP Table/BootP Options ?

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Subject: How to Config MS SVR 2K3 BOOTP Table/BootP Options ?
Posted by:  mayler (markayl…
Date: 31 Mar 2006

MS Server 2K3, DHCP/BOOTP.

Objective: Get a Nortel Networks 48-port switch to boot off the network

via tftp server.

Background: Test Lab. Laptop, running a Virtual Instance of MS Server
2K3. Host is running XP Pro. I have a virtual IP Network running
between the Virtual Instance of MS Server 2K3 and Host Machine
( = Host (Laptop) and = Server (same Laptop)
[VM Workstation]. Switch is connected to a 4 port hub, which connects
the laptop. My sniffer is attached to the Hub as well.

What works: Scope is defined correctly, switch gets its IP address from

the DHCP/BOOTP Server via a Reservation I created under this specific
segments ( scope.

What doesn't work: Switch doesn't look for the TFTP Server. It isn't
getting it's config file.

DHCP Config:
Boot Image    File Name                        File Server
config        \\county-pc0216\config\config

066 Boot Server Host Name          county-pc0216
067 Bootfile Name                  config

BOOTP REPLY Packet from DCHP SERVER to Client (Nortel Switch)
Just the Bootstrap Protocol section....

Message type: Boot Reply (2)
Hardware type: Ethernet
Hardware address length: 6
Hops: 0
Transaction ID: 0x0000017de
seconds elapses: 0
Bootp flags: 0x0000 (unicast)
Client IP address: (
Your (client) IP address: (
Next server IP address: (
Relay agent IP address: (
Client MAC address: (00:09:97:4a:c6:55)
server host name not given
Boot file name: config
Magic cookie: (OK)
Option 1: Subnet Mask =
End option

If anyone can point out a problem with my config or a missing
option...i'll be forever greatful. Thanks.