NTFS permission problem

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Subject: NTFS permission problem
Posted by:  tornado5…@yahoo.com
Date: 31 Mar 2006

Hi group,

Hope you can help me with this one. I dont know what am i doing wrong.

OS is windows 2003 in AD environment. This configuration is done on the
server side:

I have a folder called test under another folder called as Documents.
Documents folder is
shared. I have given full permissions for everyone group since i am
going to control the folder accesses via NTFS permissions. So for test
folder i have assigned the permissions
only for that particular group and adminstrator.

When i login from client machine and check the permissons via security
tab for any folder
under test folder i am able to change permissions from client side
directly. I have tried
all sorts of combinations but to my surprise none worked. I dont know
what is going wrong here.

Any sort of inputs will be of great help. Thanks in advance.