Defragging a very large, heavily fragmented drive

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Subject: Defragging a very large, heavily fragmented drive
Posted by:  Brad (Br…
Date: Wed, 1 Apr 2009

I have a 15TB disk array (3ware 24-port array contoller with 750GB disks in
RAID 5 with a hot spare) that I think is very fragmented.  Recently I have
started getting the error "Not enough server storage is available to process
this command" when I try to access certain files or directories on the disk
over the network or locally.  From what I have read it seems that heavy
fragmentation can be a problem that causes the disk to act like it is full
when it is not.  This server is over 2 years old and has never been
defragged.  The disk is 8% empty right now, but was as little as 7% recently
when the problem started.  I'm wondering what you thinks is the best course
of action.  There is no backup of a lot of the data so that is not an option.
I am currently moving as many files as I can, but that is going very slowly.
The array is not the boot drive on the server.  The server is Windows Server
2003 Standard (32-bit).  There are two main directory trees on the disk.  One
has about 16 million JPGs in it (in a tree, not all in one directory) that
average 670K in size and the other has about 60 million JPGs that average
around 30K.  The directory with the smaller images is not critical because
they can be regenerated.