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Subject: access clients
Posted by:  drjac (drj…
Date: Wed, 1 Apr 2009

windows 2003 server standard - uptodate
clients - Xp professional and vista bussiness (40) - uptodate

problem - I can't access clients from the server

For same reason i lost the windows network in the server
I can't access clients by name or by ip.
The clients can access other clients by ip and by name and can access the
server without no problem.
i check the wins, dhcp, netbios, dns and tcp/ip and everything is ok.
I try netbios browse console and it ok too.
I have a terminal server network and i do not use.
every time i try to access (\\ip or \\
ame)i have the error network path not

Is important to solve this issue because i can't access the network backup
disc from server

I hope someone can help me