Windows Server 2008 Freezing like it's 1998

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Subject: Windows Server 2008 Freezing like it's 1998
Posted by:  MichaelDBang (MichaelDBa…
Date: Sun, 5 Apr 2009


I just upgraded my Windows Server 2008 w/ Hyper-V Role to a new machine, and
it's freezing during the night.  When I try to access it in the morning I
have to reboot it every time.  The equipment is all brand new: ASUS P5Q-E,
16GB ram, and 2 300GB Velociraptors RAID1.

I've upgraded the Motherboard BIOS to the latest version, 2001.  I've
installed Windows Server 2008 SP2 RC. Still no luck.

Does anyone have any idea what sort of diagnostics I can run on this bad boy
to see why it's freezing like old skool days?