HTTP Not Accepting Requests - Only Reboot Fixes

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Subject: HTTP Not Accepting Requests - Only Reboot Fixes
Posted by:  Brock Hensley (brock.hensl…
Date: Sun, 5 Apr 2009


We have a server that about once a week stops responding to HTTP requests.

When we telnet to the IP on port 80, the second you hit any key on the
keyboard it disconnects. In IE, you just get page cannot be displayed. Even
when trying locally on the server itself, with public &

IIS Reset does nothing. There is nothing in any event viewer log that
indicates any problems.

The only way to restore HTTP access is by rebooting.

This is a Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition server with SP2/R2.

How can we troubleshoot why the server stops responding to HTTP requests?
How can we troubleshoot this when it is not happening? (just rebooted to

Any insight would be appreciated,