Can't RDP "error in licensing protocol" user in Argentina

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Subject: Can't RDP "error in licensing protocol" user in Argentina
Posted by:  Brock Hensley (brock.hensl…
Date: Mon, 6 Apr 2009


A user is suddenly not able to connect to 3 of their servers. They receive
the following error message when attempting to connect via RDP:

"The remote computer disconnected the session because of an error in the
licensing protocol. Please try connecting to the remote computer again or
contact your server administrator."

Myself and several other people have been able to connect to each server
with no issues, using the same account.

Researching the error points me to Terminal Services licensing issues, but
Terminal Services was never set up for licensing so I don't see how this
would apply. They only have the 2 standard connections.

I have removed the MSlicensing registry key and rebooted, but it did not
resolve the issue.

The only thing I can track this to is that it only started happening since
the user has been in Argentina.

Could a hotel security policy cause this error message?

Any insight would be appreciated,