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Subject: help with windows time service
Posted by:  Sher (Sh…
Date: Wed, 8 Apr 2009

Hi all,
my desktops are not syncing right with the server time.
I followed instructions to edit Windows 2003 SP2 registry and change path :
Windows Time Service
  Local Account
  interact with desktops box is checked (tried with and without check)
path:  %systemroot%\system32\svchost_w32time.exe -k Local Service
This got rid of the 1079 error I was receiving and started the windows Time
Also made sure Local Service was in the dc policy permissions
Workstation is Windows Xp Pro SP3:
when I typed in net time:
current time at serverx is 4/8/2009 1:35pm
Local Time (GMT-05:00) at serverx is 4/8/2009 2:35pm

The correct time was 2:35pm but the workstation time was showing 1:35pm
In the event log :
The time service is now synchronizing the system time with the time source
ntp.d>192.168.1.server address
What am I missing??? The workstation does not have the set daylight time
auto checked.
This was setup and worked before I installed SP1 and SP2 on 2003 server.  I
also have a 2000 server that is running AD and acting as a DC too.
Windows Time is setup on it also.
Can someone point me in the right direction?  Does group policies have
something to do with it.  I think I am just using the system clock for the
Thanks in advance,