DFSR and FSRM Quota Bug

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Subject: DFSR and FSRM Quota Bug
Posted by:  DaveMills (DaveMills@newsgroup.nospam)
Date: Sun, 12 Apr 2009

Cross posted as I am not sure where this should be discussed.

I have set up DFSR on W2008 replicating folders between the W2008 server and a
W2003 R2 server. Replication is working fine but I have also set up FSRM Soft
Quotas on the W2008 server. I am replicating home folders and have set up an
Auto Apply quota on the parent of the home folders.

The setup looks like:-
W2003-server F:\Home\2002 is replicating with W2008-Server D:\Home\2002
The soft quota in applied at D:\Home\2002. When a new folder is created in
W2003-server F:\Home\2002 it is replicated to W2008-Server D:\Home\2002 but the
auto apply quota is not created on the replicated folder. If I use Windows
Explorer to create a new folder in W2008-Server D:\Home\2002 then the auto apply
quota is created.

This seems to be a bug either in DFSR or FSRM the Auto Apply quota should
automatically get applied when the folder is created. My suspicion is that DFSR
is not creating the folder correctly and avoiding the Quota creation being

Has anybody else noticed this and does anyone know of a fix for it.

Dave Mills
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