Server 2003 and User Connection

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Subject: Server 2003 and User Connection
Posted by:  ELJAC (elj…
Date: Mon, 13 Apr 2009

Is there a brief step-by-step guide to use for installing Server 2003 on a
server PC and then connecting to that server with a remote PC. I think I have
the parts in-place but am not able to make the connection. Both PC's are
hard-wire connected to the same router as well.

I am running Windows Server 2003 R2 sp2

I started a post and unfortunately happened to be on the SBS group, where I
learned a few things beyond my original question above.

As stated, I have a trial version of Server 2003 and trying to implement it
in the fastest method so I can evaluate whether this is my ultimate direction
to go. I will end up with a server supporting maybe (3) user PC's; (2)
printers and (1) scanner. That is if all goes well.

The PC's will either be Windows XP-Pro or Vista Home Premium. And one of the
things I heard was that Vista Home editions would not allow connections to a
Domain. I'm interested in hearing further comments on this, because I may
have to upgrade OS.

The 2nd thing I need to know is what a DOMAIN name should look like. an it
be a simple 1-word domain like ELJAC ? Are there rules ? Apparently the
wizard of installation allowed me to call it ' '