Mac and windows shares (issues opening files)

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Subject: Mac and windows shares (issues opening files)
Posted by:  Freaky (wonts…
Date: Tue, 14 Apr 2009

Hi there,

we took over a network at a new customer. This customer has 2 macs and
previously had the fileshare on a WindowsXP machine.

We moved all files to a Windows 2003 SBS Server. Now they have some
issues opening files, mainly excel. Not sure if it happens with other
files, the need to open them more than once never occurs :).

Anyways, whilst the files were still on the XP's shares it was possible
to open excel files more than once, but of course only the first to open
had write access. This is no longer the case.

When a windows machine opens the Excel file first:

- Opening from other windows machines will result in the expected 'This
file is already open, do you want to open it read-only' question.
- Opening it on the Macs (with Office 2008 for the Mac) doesn't work.
Gives an error (freely translated from dutch):

Can not access file.xls

The file is possibly read-only or you are trying to access a location
which is read-only. Or the server on which the file is stored does not

In dutch:

Kan geen toegang krijgen tot file.xls

Het bestand is mogelijk alleen-lezen of u probeert toegang te krijgen
tot een locatie die alleen-lezen is. Of de server waarop het document is
opgeslagen reageert niet.

- Copying the file on the Mac (whilst open under windows thus) works
fine. So it _does_ have at least (and probably only) read access.

When a Mac opens it first:

- Opening the file on windows hosts is impossible. Results in (freely

Can not access file.xls (dutch: Kan geen toegang krijgen tot file.xls
- Copying the file on windows hosts is not possible either (freely
translated): Can not copy file.xls. The proces has no access to the file
because a part of the file is locked by another proces. (dutch: Kan
file.xls niet kopieren. Het proces heeft geen toegang tot het bestand
omdat een gedeelte van het bestand door een ander proces is vergrendeld).

Don't have another Mac to test it with, but since the file seems to be
locked entirely (ie not allowing even read access to other processes) on
the share level, it only seems logical it can't do anything with it either.

Anyone ever seen this and/or know a solution?

Kind regards and TIA